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Best Prices Guaranteed

Reserve online with us, and we guarantee that you will get the best price. If you see a lower price for your room or suite advertised within 30 days of making your booking, just contact us, and we'll adjust your rate to match. And we'll even give you a free bottle of bubbly. So, even if we reduce our rates after you book, you're covered.

How To Reserve

Just fill in your dates on the right and our availability will show on the next screen. This is connected to the front-desk system in the hotel, so it's completely up to date.

Do I Have To Pay Now?

No, the system will ask you for a credit card. Our staff can't see the card details you enter, and the card will not be charged unless you cancel within 24 hours of check-in, or don't turn up.

What If I Want To Pre-pay?

It's fine (and a good idea as it can be difficult to charge foreign cards in the DR). Just let us know and we will charge your card before your arrival.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

If you cancel 24 hours or more before check-in, no penalty. If you cancel later, we will charge the full cost of your stay (not just the first night). We will also charge you the full cost of your stay if you check out early.