pools & jacuzzi




Perfect Places To Chill Out

The Pool

Our pool is downstairs in the colonial courtyard. It has a SwimJet machine, which is like a water treadmill so you swim against a current of water. The current gets stronger the closer you get to the pump, so you can get a perfect swim, and swim non-stop for hours. The staff will happily demonstrate the SwimJet to you when you arrive, you just press a button to turn it on.

If you're feeling less energetic, there is a double-bed seat at the other end of the pool and the height in this section is perfect for lying in the water.

Down the side of the pool, there are some cute seats where your feet can dangle into the water, but your body stays dry. Perfect for a nice read or a cool beer.


The jacuzzi is in the roof garden, and gets direct sun most of the day. For hygiene reasons, the water is not heated, but because the jacuzzi is under the sun all day the temperature is very pleasant. If you've been sunbathing in the roof garden, it's the perfect place to cool off.

We supply pool towels free of charge for all guests for use in the hotel. If you're leaving the hotel for the beach, please ask us, we have special towels we can give you.


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