wifi & internet service



Fast Free and Available Everywhere

Casa Sánchez has wireless broadband which covers the whole of the hotel, including inside all guest rooms and public areas. All guests have free unlimited access to this service. We hate hotels who charge extra for internet, or high speed internet, so with us it's included.

We have two separate networks, with separate companies, so even if one network is down, there is always wireless internet available in one part of the hotel. The internet speed is 10Mbps and we usually get close to this speed as there are far less people sharing the connection in Dominican Republic than in a country like the US.

Mobile Internet

If you're looking for mobile internet, you can buy a 4G SIM card to go into your mobile / cellphone / iPad from Orange or Claro. Both have offices within one minute's walk from the hotel and both offer a prepaid call and 4G data plan which is perfect for visitors. It's a good idea to do this if you are travelling around, as many hotels on the island charge a small fortune to use their internet.


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