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Spoilt for Choice

The Colonial Zone is home to some of the best restaurants on the entire island. Whether you're looking for a quick snack, a Dominican lunch or a romantic fine-dining experience, you'll be spoilt for choice. And Casa Sánchez is the perfect hotel because we're right in the middle of the Colonial Zone, just a short stroll from everywhere. Below are some of our recommendations, you'll find a more detailed list and up-to-the-minute recommendations in the hotel.

People-Watching In The Conde

The Conde is the main pedestrianised street in the Colonial Zone, and has many cafes. Sit and enjoy a beer, maybe a pizza or a sandwich, and just watch the world go by. Our favorite cafes are the ones right opposite the Cathedral in Plaza Colon.

Dinner in Plaza España

Plaza España is a huge square and comes alive at night with a line of great restaurants. The most famous is Pat e Palo ("peg leg") which usually competes for top position on Tripadvisor with the neighbouring restaurant, Pura Tasca. Angelos in the same strip is also excellent.

Pure Romance in La Briciola

Almost certainly the most romantic restaurant is La Briciola. Set in a courtyard, close to the Cathedral, it's peaceful, classy, candlelit and the food is beautifully cooked and expertly served. Highly recommended.

Dominican Food

There are a number of options for eating local Dominican food. The best is at the end of our street, overlooking the sea, D'Luis Parrillada, open 24 hours a day, it serves a range of chicken, pork and steaks, Dominican favourites such as Mofongo and Sancocho, fish and salads. You get the sea breeze and it's always busy with locals.

Another option, a short taxi-ride away, is Adrian Tropical on the Malecon. Right next to the sea, you eat with the waves crashing in below you. They serve a range of chicken, beef, pork and salads. It's extremely popular with locals.

The Complete List

If you're interested in reading more about restaurtants in the Colonial Zone, this web-page is an excellent resource


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